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    MOVEMENT is a seven part comedy web series about dance therapy. We follow Sophia, a self confessed try hard, as she battles her demons with the help of her dance therapy sessions. Each week (each episode) in class, Sophia uses a ‘healing mantra’ to deal with her struggles of tangled love, aimless career goals and lack of identity. Sophia’s commitment to her mantras takes her on journeys to the extreme as she tries her hardest to ‘foff’ her way into womanhood.

    The themes in MOVEMENT are socially relevant and relatable. There is a bit of Sophia in all of us – either in her personality traits, foibles, her arduous journey towards self betterment, or the awkward or embarrassing anecdotes that happen along the way, those times when we wish we could all just break out into an expressive dance to alleviate the pressures we put upon ourselves.

    With the support of Screen Australia, MOVEMENT is the creation of Melbourne writer and actress Maria Angelico and a product of an incredible female team Producer Lucy Hayes, Director Jessica Barclay Lawton and Editor Ariel Shaw.

    The show itself is carefully and cleverly crafted. Each self contained episode has it’s own concise theme and not to mention, corresponding colour palette that is brought to life with beautiful visual shots. It feels and looks great  MOVEMENT is a series that has a distinctively unique and appealing style.

    MOVEMENT will capture the hearts and minds of audiences.